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What about dedicated IP hosting and search engines ??

For quite some time now, there has been debate in the SEO industry about whether or not using a dedicated IP address is better than having a shared IP for your website.


  • Some SEOs believe that there really is no good reason to obtain a static IP address. In terms of web hosting, your site will not perform any better by having its own static IP.

  • Some others theorize that your choice of dedicated IP hosting vs. shared hosting is a factor considered by search engines and therefore, it might slightly affect your rankings.

  • Yet, others consider the possibility of sharing an IP address with known spam or adult sites raises and consequently feel that this will raise a warning flag with search engines... So, some of them may respond by banning the entire IP address from their index....


In all probability, these fears are greatly exaggerated. The majority of sites on the web are hosted via shared IP and so, it would be unprofitable to search engines to penalize a site based on its IP address. And besides, search engines are able to ban anything on a domain name instead of an entire IP neighborhood. Therefore, it is search engine safe to use a shared IP hosting. Moreover, almost all web hosting will eventually be shared in order to preserve IP addresses.

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